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Aerial view of a cup of coloured pencilsFor teachers who want help in preparing classes incorporating some of the principles of emergency management, we suggest two avenues:

Topics related to the subject of Emergency Management can tie in to many topics required by the Ontario Curriculum. For example:

In the Visual Arts program, students could research the topic and create a poster or mural promoting personal emergency preparedness.

In Geography, emergency management topics can be related to natural hazards or how humans plan for and live with risk in our environments.

In Canadian Studies, students can research the way Canada has planned for emergencies and how people in Canada have been affected by some of the major disasters throughout its history. This is also a good opportunity to research and explain the role of each level of government.

In Urban Studies, the impact of emergencies in the urban plan and the services offered to citizens prior to and during emergencies can be the topic of classroom discussion and research.

When studying current affairs, students can study a particular disaster and its impact on the population, what was done, what could have been done better to prevent or respond faster.

Your imagination can do the rest to adapt the message to other educational programs.

Another option to generate discussion on emergency management in the classroom is to adopt the National Red Cross program called Expect the Unexpected. It has three components geared to three different age groups:

  • It Can Happen, Be Ready, for students aged 7-8;
  • Facing the Unexpected, Be Prepared, for students aged 10-11;
  • Be Ready. Be safe. For students aged 12-13.

You can access information about this program from the link above or you can contact your local Red Cross office for more information.

Here are a few other web sites on teacher resources that can be useful:

The Securité Publique Québec's Teacher's Corner offers plenty of activities on emergency preparedness, geography and natural sciences in French.

The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness offers an extensive source of information on any topic related to emergency management for any age.

On this site you will find educational materials for Grades 6-8, Grades 9-10, and Grades 11-12. These materials were created to complement many of the topics posted on the Web site, and include five lessons per topic, divided by grade level. All educational materials are available free of charge.

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