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Natural gas is a safe and cost-effective primary fuel resource used for heating homes, business and appliance in Ontario.  The use of natural gas releases less greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than other fossil fuels such as oil, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

 What should you do if you detect a leak?

  • Evacuate immediately
  • Call 911 from outside or a neighbour's home

 Before a Gas Leak Occurs:

  • Learn how to detect a gas leak
    • Smell It - In its pure state, natural gas has no smell or taste. As a safety precaution, a scent called methyl mercaptan is added to natural gas. This odour smells like rotten eggs or sulphur, so that natural gas leaks can be detected.
    • See It - Natural gas is clear and has no colour, but it can leave behind visible signs of a leak including bubbles in wet or flooded areas, patches of dead vegetation, blowing dust from holes in the ground, or even flames. In some cases, spotting vapours or ground frosting can suggest a high-pressure leak.
    • If you are planning to dig, build or excavate on your property, you are required to by law to locate all of your utility lines first.  It is important to complete this step to ensure safety for you and your community.  All it takes is one call to Ontario One Call 1-800-400-2255

Just like when you dig in the yard, before clearing a blocked sewer, you need to call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255.  A free inspection will be done to ensure natural gas lines don't cross over the sewer line before you clear it. If a natural gas line intersects with a sewer line, rotating equipment or water jet equipment used to clear a blockage could damage the natural gas line, causing natural gas to leak into the sewer line. 

Find more safety tips from you natural gas provider:


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If your gas has been shut off it must be turned back on by a professional.  Contact your local natural gas provider to make the necessary arrangements:

  • Kitchener Utilities 519-741-2529
  • Union Gas 1(888)774-3111

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