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Extreme Cold Weather

Winter weather conditions in Waterloo Region can include snow, hail, freezing rain and extreme cold.

Extreme cold over a long period of time can be very dangerous. Take extra precautions with children and pets as they can become colder, faster. In cases with prolonged power outages find warming centres to stay warm.


  • Wear layers of warm clothing
  • If you must travel - let people know where you are going
  • Keep nourished with food and drink
  • If stranded in a vehicle, run motor every ten minutes for heat and open window occasionally for fresh air
  • Tie a bright cloth to car for visibility


  • Don't go outside or drive
  • Don't walk home if you have car problems, stay with your car

 Did you know?

During the winter season, you should stock up on heating fuel, ready-to-eat food, battery-operated flashlights and have a radio with extra batteries.


Prolonged exposure to heat can be hazardous to your health. Seniors and young children are particularly at risk. Check in on friends and family who you feel are vulnerable.


  • Drink a lot of fluids - especially water
  • Stay indoors
  • Wear lightweight, light-coloured clothing
  • Keep pets indoors or where it is cool, keep their water dishes full at all times


  • Don't do strenuous activity - do not run, bike or do yard work when it is extremely hot outside
  • Don't drink alcoholic or high-caffeine drinks
  • Don't eat high-protein foods
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Warming/Cooling Centres are buildings in the region that are open to the public, and that welcome any individual inside during regular business hours to cool down during extreme heat events or warm up during extreme cold events.  Find out more at the following webpages:

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