Inquire at your workplace, and your child's school or daycare about their emergency plans. Find out about their evacuation plans and how they will contact family in an emergency. Make sure that you keep all relevant contact information up to date at work and at your child's school or daycare, and make sure any people designated to pick up your child are familiar with your emergency plan.

Consider any seniors in your family or who are close to your family, do they live in a retirement residence or an apartment?  Investigate the emergency plans where they live.  Help them to develop a plan for emergencies.

Think of your neighbours. Identify anyone who may need assistance during an emergency and discuss a plan with them and other neighbours. For instance, help them prepare an emergency plan and survival kit, and arrange to check in on that person during an emergency, like a power outage.

 Finding this information out in advance can help to reduce anxiety during an emergency situation.

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It is important to have your house numbers visible from the street.  This will help emergency responders find you quickly.

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