Volunteering and Community Involvement

The Region of Waterloo appreciates the support of residents willing to assist during an emergency.

In order to best serve community needs and ensure those volunteering are safe, trained and able to help in a meaningful way, the Region recommends potential volunteers sign up ahead of time with an accredited volunteer agency that can provide proper training, screening and support.

Getting involved with a volunteer agency before an emergency occurs will improve your ability to help during a crisis or when help is needed. 

As part of its Emergency Response Plan, the Region of Waterloo is committed to partnering with community organizations that may assist in times of an emergency.

Below is a list of some community organizations where you may want to register as a volunteer.  If you want get involved, click on any of the links to find out more about volunteer opportunities with these organizations.  These organizations have been identified as ones that may assist the Region and its communities, in the event of an emergency situation. The Region of Waterloo does not formally endorse individual organizations. You may choose to support one of these agencies or one of the many others that support our Region.

Waterloo Region is fortunate to have many partners in Emergency Management, including but not limited to:

City of Cambridge|City of Kitchener|City of Waterloo|Township of North Dumfries|Township of Wellesley|Township of Wilmot|Township of Woolwich
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