Emergency Preparedness: Be Prepared all year long!

Throughout the year, the Municipalities, Townships, and the Region of Waterloo in partnership with electric and gas utilities companies challenge you to being prepared in case of emergencies situations. 

Check this page often for tips that you and your loved ones can use to be better prepared for any emergency situation.   

Preparedness Tips

 Types of Emergencies

Be informed  Power outages
Create an emergency communications plan  Tornados
Create an evacuation plan Thunder and lightning storms
Build an emergency survival kit  Earthquakes
Pack an evacuation go bag Natural gas leak emergency 
Prepare a vehicle emergency kit and learn winter driving safety tips Fire 
Consider special needs when planning for emergencies Severe winter storm (blizzards/ice storms) 
Give the gift of preparedness Extreme temperatures (cold/heatwave) 
Involve your children in emergency planning Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) incident and Shelter-in-Place 
Prepare your pets  Health emergencies
Remember about emergency planning and safety beyond your home Flooding 
Practice your plan, review your plan and replace items in your kit annually Drinking water emergency 

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